Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nostalghia of SNRT veterans continues with the departure of Awlad , Ben Bouazza and others very soon.

Ironically the first Moroccan image of television came right from Mohamed the fifth theatre halls in 1962.Television was diffusing its TV programes via Zhaier cabled dish from this theatre itself while filmmakers were rolling with 8,16 and 35mm . Now that this same theatre is thinking to host a poetical cafeteria for technicians, artists and Arts-goers in general very soon whereas SNRT still lacks the minimum conforts to hack its employees,technicians and journalists.That's why, you won't be surprised if i tell you that the majority of tv ideas are exchanged in the cafe rooms around Dar el Brihi like café of Ben Abdessalam,lockeness,Essalama and Tourayabecause simply there is no artistic space where technicians,journalists ans artists can gather to talk about their beloved televison , initiatives of governments towards improving tv legislatives , the influence of syndicates on rules of admistartion; and especailly the right to work which now becomes in the tongue of everybody urging so many to struggle for a better social life administered by SNRT bureaucrats .

Among Tv veterans that SNRT will lose very soon is Aoulad Ben Abdeslam , Ben Bouazza ,Azizi Abdel Hak and others . Ben Bouazza was a news editor and a chief of cultural service at the production direction chosen unvoluntariry by the ex-director of RTM,Mohamed Issari .Now he is producing documentaries about rural lives such as medical herbs, animals and ethnic groups of Sahara .

As for Awald Be Abdeslam ,known for his fragile awareness of art,he is the first Tv director who designed graphically that cinematic Programe called Zawaya directed by Driss Chwika and presented by Foad Swiba .Recently he has been renewing with El Fassi his artistic programe called Riwak on Moroccan Arts starting with Mohamed El Mrabet and a spanish avant-gardist living in Tangiers .Aoulad also works with devotion other special programes for children like Nadi Al Marah and documentaries about saints of Morocco like My Abdeslam Ben Mshish Al Aroussi. But, what strikes me deeply is that SNRT has supported warmly Mohamed Meftouh because of his sickness until he recovered which we think that it is a nice gesture done to one of tv men who is devoting his life to work for Dar El Brihi.

Written by Allal El Alaoui