Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mohamed Kerrouchi, an easter lion roaring to work.

IF we talk about Oujda , we talk about its men -Groupe d'Oujda -literary mean Oujda team men like Bou Madien,Boutaflika ,Abdelkader Remoun -the Roma-man and many others .However, now we talk about the Group of artistic team like our guest today ,Mohammed Kerrouchi .

Although of his late age, Mohammed Kerrouchi moves dynamically in Morooco.His continuous journey from Rabat,Casa,Oujda and Paris never ends because of his great passion and love to cinema .Mohammed is simply a spontaneous artist whose intellect are based on experience and professional work with international artists and actors (see his CV below ).

Kerrouch, no doubt, is smashed by the light of cinema which has extended his love to movie-making and techniques of production . Mohammed talks a lot about injustice that he has known in Rabat and sometimes you find yourself in an embarrassed situation in front of this SNRT veteran, because he has hidden a scar somewhere in his soul and it is difficult to understand Kerrouchi apart from those whose same sufferance share with him . i think he is hurt by the indifference and reject of media institutions that have snatched something from him .I also think it is about his fighting to work with dignity knowing that he is now spearheading a house of production in his native land ,Oujda called Samia-Production .

Being an introversive man, Mohammed Kerrouchi does not give up easily and keep to write cultural programs for television and drama scripts and now he is waiting for SNRT to produce his Tele-film called -Hoboun Wadayae - knowning that ex- manager of production ,Driss El Mrini has alread given him to work on a cultural program called -Reboue Biladi - .
Allal El Alaoui