Friday, February 01, 2008

Cinema of physical and humain geography by Walter Salles.

Pacu (Ravi Ramos) reflecting to die .

Behind the sun (Portuguese title: Abril Despedaçado) is an adaptation of a novel written by Ismael Kadaré ,an Alabanian writer. directed by the Brasilian film-maker, Walter Salles .this novel,fairytale like is about a young man told by his family to revenge his brother death.
Walter Salles 's movie is a documentary style fiction based on harsh space shot in Salvador .The actors are very convincing and get beautifully into the skin of their characters , shot into a dense light, refecting the work of the great painter of light ,Hilderbrands especially the character of Tonho ( Rodrigo Santoro), Pacu (Ravi Ramos),The father (José Dumon) and Clara ( Flavia Marco Antonio) . Water Salles is influenced by Antonioni use of space and geography where the physical and the humain are nicely linked.
By Allal El Alaoui.

Walter Moreira Salles

Walter Moreira Salles Jr. (born April 12, 1956, Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian filmmaker and film producer of international prominence. He is the son of Walter Moreira Salles, a Brazilian banker and ambassador, and the brother of João Moreira Salles, also a filmmaker.

Salles's first notable film was Terra Estrangeira (Foreign Land), released in Brazil in 1995. Locally, it was widely acclaimed by film critics and a minor box-office hit, and it was selected by over 40 film festivals worldwide. In 1998 he released Central do Brasil (Central Station) to widespread international acclaim and two Academy Awards nominations, for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Foreign Language Film. In 2001, Abril Despedaçado (Behind the Sun), starring Rodrigo Santoro, was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Golden Globes. Both films were produced by veteran Arthur Cohn and had worldwide distribution.

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