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Union guild of media is born to protect technicians of cinema,television and Radio in Morocco

Mustapha and Hisham

Hamza Belqaid's article on MUstapha Ziraoui ( Canard Libéré )12 january 2008

Mustapha Ziraoui's first preparative team

Moroccan technician of cinema had a marvellous date today the 30th of decembre 2007 .A new birth of Cinema Union guild is about to be born in Morocco. The new building of Mohammed The sixth theatre near ,Casa Voyageur in Casablanca metamorphoses the new way of life that Cinema technicians are expecting to enjoy after the 30th of decembre 2007.`

In this theatre,new Union team is about to be shaped ,already mastered by Mustapha Ziraoui who has done a tremendous good work by calling Cinema,Tv and Radio technicians to vote for a new staff in order to create a new Union guild for media in Morocco .Although Ziraoui's team is severely attacked by some intruders willing to destroy the idea of creating a union, the team, including the technicians, resists to fight until the last moment of election that seem to be transparent ,although it is judged unfair by some that claim that the election was plotted by Mustapha himself whose mentality of conspiracy has had great influence on voters,otherse instead see that this is a brilliant idea, because its goal is to protect and organize the jobs of the technicians.As for Allal El Alaoui,he only comments on the reshape of the team spearheaded by Mustapha Ziraoui, and suggests that this team must focus not only on Casablanca technicians ,but on eveybody practicing the job of cinema in Morocco .

At the end of the election,Mustapha Ziraoui has won the cake, 87 votes in comparing with the result of others who has just little chance to win especially Boussif Tanane, only 4 votes and also Abdillah Amzil ,5 votes .Ziraoui has promised the technicians that he will do his best to abide by law and that technicians will benefit from his experience as a media man , and technicians should have faith and hope in his team, because they are going to see a new age of transparency and benefit to work into national and international productions .

Well, it is indeed a symbolic year 2007 for those cinema people followed by the next one that is to say 2008.Evey technician in Morocco is putting his hand on his heart waiting for this moment to come that is to say , the birth of Media Union Guild ,because these technicians are really fed up of bearing some ambiguious laws dated from 1957/58 cleverly used by a mafia-like people.Cinema technicians are also suffering from marginilization and social indifference. Although they are professional card holders,the majority of technicians are jobless .However, who knows will Mustapha Ziraoui protect his technicians from the claws of producers-directors and be a brilliant porte-parole for his technicians in negociatting with CCM bureacratic clerks and foreign productions ?
Written by Allal EL Alaoui

Boujendar,Allal EL Alaoui,Abdelilah Amzil and Mohamdine EL Hamoudi

Election agents of transparency

Media Union group spearheaded by Mustapha Ziraoui