Wednesday, March 28, 2007

CINEMAMED might go Holly-Bolly

Cinemamed is a three-year project set up to develop co-operation between European countries and countries of the Mediterranean basin in the cinematic and audio-visual sector. Cinemamed develops and activates its planned activities along the same lines which guide the audio-visual co-operation activities of the European Commission set out in the Euromed Audiovisual plan. It compares various cinema productions and structures in a common region, the Mediterranean basin, where the most ancient of civilizations had their origin. Even today, it is the place where different cultures and religions meet and often fight. Cinemamed's objective is to help the circulation of art and ideas in places where the public would otherwise have no opportunity for seeing them. Just as the most enlightened cinema audiences in Europe do not know what is going on along the southern shores of the Mediterranean, so Arab audiences tend not to get to see the latest European output. Cinemamed tries, at least in part, to bridge this gap, and to make cinema production more widely known in Europe and around the Mediterranean. Cinemamed also tries to consolidate the wealth of Mediterranean and European cinema in archives by means of the recovery and restoration of film material. Cinemamed has also been set up to marry professional experience with University disciplines, and to develop a distribution network to spread productions around the various markets. But the Cinemamed's real objective is to build up common knowledge based on reciprocal respect and on the idea of diversity as a value. ( in collaboration with