Friday, February 16, 2007

The Ambassador of Republic of Serbia Invites Allal, Hayran and Jamal

The Ambassador of Serbia republic with his wife Madame
Mehmed Becovic, Allal El Alaoui and Mustapha Hayran

Hollywood-Bollywood is in the move . Yesterday(15-2-2007), the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Rabat invited Allal, Hayran, and Jamal to celebrate their national party.Allal handed out his project , Hollywood-Bollywood peace initiative to the Ambassador who found the idea more appealing to the people of Serbia.Allal and the Ambassador talked about how they could co-operate to bring original movies to SNRT especially the ones that belongs to Emir Kuturica . Allal also suggests that Emir Kuturica can come to FIFM to be the president of the Jury 2007 in Marrakech.