Sunday, January 07, 2007

Multi-ethnic young people including Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam are bollyphiles

Tropenmuseum Calendar exhibted in Amsterdam.

An exlusive interview with Dirk Kloosterboe,an Editor from News from Amsterdam on New Indian cinema :

Dear Allal el Alaoui,
I am afraid I am not much of an expert on Indian cinema, but I have
some Bollywood films on video. While they are of course rather
and a bit lengthy, I think they are pretty good. I am a great fan of
Bollywood music, especially the songs of Asha Bhosle and some of the
of Lata Mangeshkar. I also like the art work, posters for example. As
attachment I send you a reproduction of a page from a calendar that was
an exhibition here at the Tropenmuseum. Bollywood culture is quite
among multi-ethnic young people in Amsterdam, and the Tropenmuseum
includes Bollywood elements in its exhibitions, in order to attract
people to the museum.
In 2005, Amsterdam hosted the International Indian Film Academy Award
ceremony. It has been discussed to hold the ceremony in Amsterdam again
2006, but the municipality said it was too expensive.