Thursday, December 07, 2006

TABET OR NOT TABET , a movie that goes to Freedom of Speech

Nabil Lahlou invites Allal staff to present his new film called TABET OR NOT TABET . This movie is financed 100 % of Moroccan sponsors unlike Fawzi Saiidi ‘movie- what a wonderful world - .Nabil critised severely FIFM and at the same time he said that freedom of speech is practised ambiguisly in Morocco without the use of Big Brother system that the Moroccan people are really fed up with. Real democracy is still a wish and long fight for Moroccans because they are missing the taste of its lighting .Nabil Lahou is a free –teller icon in the world of arts and cinema domestically . The intellectual fighting between Nabil and Razak makes a wonderful scoop although there was a misunderstanding between those two.