Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mustapha Munir the maga -star of the studio swissi.

Yes, indeed Mustapha Munir was a superb actor . He came from acting shool and he was excellent. He loves his work passionately . I Aziz Mawhoob? confirm as an actor who worked with him that Mustapha Munir was giant and very good . Great actors knew this fact like Taeb Saddiki, Mohammed Idrissi,Abdellah Amrani,Hashemi Ben Omar and Mohammed Karrath ( Peace upon hin) . These actors were brilliant stars in 1958.Mustapha Munir was also a good bruiteur,sound-effects man.I don't know how he combined the two jobs but he did . He played roles of Amitah Bachan and he was so great in them.