Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Iman Jambari, a handikapped bollyphiles menaces FIFM if not seeing Kajol

Important Indians artists,Kumar Mongal,Robin Bhat and Machisi came to Marrakech Film Festival this year 2006 .They were met by a bollyphile who said she would commit suicide if she did not meet kajol.
This young teenger girl loves Bollywood . Eveybody talks about her because she was so keen to meet Kajol and her husband Adjay Devgan at the International Film Festival in Marrakech held this year on the first of december 2006.She even menaced FIFM to commit suicide if she did not meet kajol and her hussband. Despite of being handikapped, Iman Jambari proved to be a great cinemagoer who speaks four languages including Hindustani .